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Deferred Prosecution

Lynnwood DUI Attorney

Deferred DUI prosecution provides an opportunity for alcohol and drug addicts charged with DUI to enter into a rehabilitation program in lieu of a trial and probable conviction. Deferred prosecution is not an acquittal of the charges against you, but instead a contract with the court in which you agree to four conditions for five years, and the court agrees to defers prosecution for five years and, at the completion of five years, dismiss the charges if the stipulations of the contract have been met in full. A Lynnwood criminal defense lawyer can review your case and determine whether deferred prosecution is a viable option. The terms of a deferred prosecution are:

  • You must commit to two years of alcohol education classes and two to five years of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Missed classes or meetings will result in a breach of contract and you will be charged with DUI. You are responsible for the costs of alcohol or drug treatment, although some insurance companies will cover intensive treatment.
  • Any vehicle that you drive must have an ignition interlock device installed on it, regardless of whether or not you own the vehicle, for one to five years.
  • You will have to attend a Victim Impact Panel, a class in which family and friends of victims of drunken driving wrecks speak about the effects their loss has had on their lives.
  • You will be placed on probation for five years. Depending on your case, it may be active probation in which you report regularly to a probation officer, or inactive probation, which is essentially good behavior and random checks. You are responsible for all fees related to probation.

Benefits of a Deferred Prosecution

Should you be granted a deferred prosecution and after five years your case is dismissed, it means you will not face any jail or prison time, you will not have to pay any criminal fines, you will not have this DUI on your record, and your license will not be suspended. Deferred prosecution is recommended for people who are facing multiple DUI offenses because the penalties for a first DUI are manageable, whereas the penalties for a second, third, or fourth DUI are often devastating.

Charged with DUI in Lynnwood, WA? I am Lance Fryrear and I am more than capable of defending your case. With over 17 years of defense experience, I have the insight, knowledge, and skills necessary to evaluate your situation, guide you through the legal process, and defend your case in court. Contact the Law Office of Lance R. Fryrear for further information regarding my services as well as a complimentary personal case evaluation.

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