Can I hunt without a license?

The Washington hunting laws are some of the strictest around. You cannot hunt without a license in Washington State. In fact, even if you have a license to hunt in Washington State, it's very easy to run a foul of the law. We often see when someone shoots an animal, that they're illegal to shoot, but they don't immediately tag the animal. They actually get charged with a gross misdemeanor offense, where you can go to jail for a year. We actually see all types of cases where the hunter accidentally shoots the wrong animal, then calls the poacher's hotline to say, "Hey, I made a mistake." What's their reward? A gross misdemeanor charge when the officer comes and charges them with the crime for shooting the wrong animal. Absolutely, you cannot hunt without a license in Washington State, and there are so many ways to violate the hunting laws. If you or someone you know is charged with a hunting crime in Washington State, contact the law office at Lance Fryrear as soon as you can, and we'll try to make the situation right.