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If you have been arrested or have recently been contacted by law enforcement as part of an ongoing investigation, you need to act quickly and talk to an attorney. Even if formal charges have not been filed against you - yet - you may be in danger of facing these very soon. A criminal defense lawyer with experience in this field and the resources to properly handle your case may be able to help you avoid an arrest and charges in the first place.

As a criminal trial attorney who has experience as a prosecutor and defense lawyer, I am here to offer you the legal counsel you need to combat your criminal charges. Whether for a first DUI offense or for a serious felony such as manslaughter or even murder, my firm is ready to challenge your charges. From my offices in Lynnwood, I represent clients throughout:

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As a former prosecutor who has dedicated the last decade of my career to protecting the rights of defendants as a criminal defense attorney, I am ready to provide you with hard-hitting legal representation based upon a foundation of experience from both sides of criminal cases. I can take on cases involving domestic violence, assault, drunk driving, probation violations, property crimes, sex crimes, theft, violent crimes, weapon charges and much more. If you would like to talk about your particular case, I am more than happy to offer you a confidential consultation and case review, at which point you can begin getting an idea of what you are up against and how I can help.

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