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Illegal Search

In their efforts to arrest alleged suspects and put them behind bars, police officers sometimes make mistakes. They may cut corners, conducting a search or making an arrest without a valid warrant or before establishing probable cause. In these situations, your attorney may be able to challenge the evidence recovered, seeking to have it excluded from criminal court proceedings. Depending on what evidence was unlawfully obtained, this may cripple or entirely destroy the prosecuting attorney's case against a defendant.

In my more than 17 years in the field of criminal law, I understand the ins and outs of searches and seizures by law enforcement. As your Lynnwood criminal defense lawyer I will use this knowledge and my extensive resources to thoroughly investigate the manner in which any and all searches were conducted. If you believe that you were the subject of an illegal search, I will look into this for you and will work to build evidence that supports this fact. Based upon what I find, I will file a motion to suppress evidence that was illegally acquired by law enforcement. I will also look to other issues related to the evidence against you, including how it was processed, the chain of custody and more. Even the smallest error or violation of procedure may be enough to challenge all evidence that was affected.

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Some criminal cases may seem fairly "open and shut" with virtually nothing that can be done to avoid a conviction. As a former prosecutor and experienced criminal defense attorney, I know exactly what to look for in these cases. I see opportunity where others may only see failure. If an illegal search was conducted, I will take immediate action to have that evidence excluded.

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