DUI License Suspension

Lynnwood DUI Attorney

Anyone arrested for DUI faces a possible license suspension in Washington State. This action is separate from your criminal charges for DUI and is handled through the Department of Licensing (DOL). However, your license can be suspended either administratively or if you are convicted. After your arrest, the police officer will punch a hole in your license, thereby beginning the process leading to suspension. Typically, your license suspension will begin 60 days after your arrest. You must file a request for a hearing from the DOL within 20 days of your arrest in order to fight the suspension. My firm at the Law Office of Lance R. Fryrear can help you with this process. As a skilled Lynnwood criminal defense lawyer, I have extensive experience in this area.

If you were arrested and tested with a blood alcohol content of .08% or higher and have no prior DUIs or suspensions in the past, you can expect a 90 day suspension of your license. However, you may be eligible for an ignition interlock license, which allows you to drive by blowing into an ignition interlock device and showing you have no alcohol in your system. It is connected to your vehicle's ignition system. You must also provide proof that you have insurance during and up to three years after re-instatement of your license.

If during your arrest you refused to take a breath test, but have no prior DUI suspensions, you can expect a one year suspension. Again, you may be eligible for the ignition interlock license under certain circumstances. A two year suspension can occur if you have had a prior suspension within the past seven years.

There are different rules and limits for drivers of commercial motor vehicles and minors. The insurance required following a suspension is known as SR-22 Insurance and is generally more expensive than normal insurance. This insurance must be in place for up to 3 years following your suspension, whether it occurred administratively through the DOL or due to a DUI conviction.

Handling Your DUI License Suspension

Dealing with a license suspension is no easy task. It takes the knowledge and experience of a Lynnwood DUI lawyer to ensure you get the best possible outcome to your DOL Hearing or when fighting your DUI criminal charges. I can help you with a strong defense, having helped numerous clients in Lynnwood and throughout the state the past seventeen years. We can challenge the police report or even subpoena the officer to the hearing. If the officer fails to appear without excuse you can have your license suspension cancelled by default. Need a lawyer for your DUI case in Lynnwood, WA? Call me today for a free initial consultation. You don't have much time before your suspension goes into effect, so don't delay. When dealing with a license suspension, call the Law Office of Lance R. Fryrear, an effective and knowledgeable DUI Defense Attorney.