Lawyer for Disorderly Conduct

Charged with disturbing the peace?

In Washington, a person may be arrested for disorderly conduct if they are suspected of committing any of the following actions:

  • Intentionally causing disruption at a lawful meeting without authority
  • Speaking abusively and creating a risk of assault
  • Intentionally blocking traffic without authority

Why You Need Legal Counsel for Your Misdemeanor

According to RCW 9A.84.030, conviction of disorderly conduct could result in misdemeanor penalties of at least a day in jail and fines of at least $250. While a day in jail and a small fine may not seem a big deal at first, there are additional consequences for having a misdemeanor on your record that the court does not impose, including:

  • the loss of professional licenses
  • deportation
  • ineligibility for certain government benefits
  • difficulty getting hired
  • keeping custody of your children

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Disorderly Conduct While Publicly Intoxicated

While being drunk in public is not a crime in Washington, unless you are on public transportation, an officer may arrest an intoxicated person for disorderly conduct. Often times, police are very quick to arrest persons for disorderly conduct while they are intoxicated, even with very little provocation.

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