Lynnwood Property Crimes Defense Attorney

What are Property Crimes?

Property crimes fall under many different categories and can include arson, unlawful entry, vehicle theft, robbery, vandalism, possession of stolen property or shoplifting. Property crimes can be charged as either a felony or misdemeanor depending on the circumstances of the crime.

With your freedom possibly at stake, you need to contact a Lynnwood criminal defense attorney immediately. The likelihood of conviction and the harshness of any sentence can be mitigated with the necessary credentials and experience on your side. My name is Lance Fryrear and I have the kind of know-how that can help you fight your charges. Call my office in Lynnwood at your earliest convenience for an in-depth and personal free initial consultation.

Safeguarding Your Rights in Lynnwood

Need a lawyer for your criminal case in Lynnwood, WA? I have over seventeen years of experience as a criminal defense attorney that I bring to the table in crafting top quality defense strategies. Additionally, I have the added benefit of having served as a prosecutor for seven years. This gives me an edge over other defense attorneys because I am familiar with what the prosecutor is looking for when investigating a crime. His purpose is to put you in jail; you need someone on your side who is just as experienced with the legal system. I have a strong reputation as being a tough negotiator as well as an experienced litigator. I have examined thousands of defenses a year as a prosecutor and will do everything I can to reduce or eliminate the charges you are facing. Call me for personal service, honest representation and excellent results.

Being charged with a property crime is no light matter and you need experience on your side. Contact a Lynnwood criminal defense attorney today, Lance Fryrear has the knowledge and expertise you are looking for.