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Possessing or Trafficking in Stolen Property

In addition to typical theft charges involving a defendant who allegedly took another’s property, a defendant in Washington may face criminal charges for the possession of or trafficking in stolen property. If a person knows or should reasonably know that property is stolen and yet he or she willingly possesses, conceals, receives, disposes of or traffics this property, he or she may face charges for possessing stolen property or trafficking in stolen property. These are most often felony theft charges and a defendant may face up to 10 years in prison and a $20,000 fine if convicted (depending on the value and type of property involved as well as the offense itself). Trafficking in stolen property is typically a more serious offense than possessing stolen property.

Facing theft charges in Lynnwood, WA? An aggressive defense is essential in the face of stolen property charges in Lynnwood, Washington. If you would like to talk about your case and your legal options, please do not hesitate to contact my offices. As an experienced criminal attorney with 7 years as a former prosecutor, I can provide you with valuable insight into your charges. I have handled thousands of cases and therefore understand both sides of the legal system. In taking on your case, I will be able to anticipate the prosecution’s next move and work to challenge all physical evidence and witness testimony brought against you.

Theft Charges for Stolen Property Offenses in Lynnwood

Whether you are facing theft crime charges for the alleged possession of or trafficking in stolen property, your future may be at risk. Make sure you take no changes with your freedom and legal rights by involving a Lynnwood criminal defense lawyer with the experience and resources to properly handle your case.

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