How Do I Find a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

It's very hard to find the right criminal defense lawyer. What I recommend to my friends is first of all ask around who do you know that's had a criminal lawyer in the past of course you can also go online. Most people find everything online nowadays - you can go to lawyer review sites like Avvo ( What I suggest is that you contact a criminal defense lawyer and ask them what they do; ask them if they go to the court that your problem is in; ask them how many years they've been doing this. But most importantly, pay attention. Do they ask how you're feeling and ask what they can do for you? Any attorney can go to court and do a good job. It's not true that any attorney actually cares how you feel and cares to make your life better and make it so you can sleep again at night. So if you're looking for a criminal defense attorney, please give the Law Offices of Lance Fryrear a call. We're going to ask you how you feel, we're going to ask you what happened. We're going to try to make it so we can get the best result for your situation as soon as possible!