Island County Criminal Defense Attorney

Have you been charged with a criminal offense in Island County, WA?

If you are facing criminal charges in Island County, it is important that you call my office immediately to retain my services. As a former prosecutor, I am fully aware of the lengths that the prosecution will go to in order to get a conviction. When I am working for you, however, I am able to use my knowledge of these tactics and other information about the justice system, as well as my decade of experience as an Island County criminal defense attorney, to your advantage.

This is no doubt a terrifying and anxious time for you - questions about your freedom, your job, and your reputation are likely dominating your thoughts. Do not allow an inexperienced defense attorney risk your freedom! Call my office as soon as possible to begin the process of building your defense. For more information about my services, you can schedule a free consultation, visit any of the practice area pages below, or review my frequently asked questions page.

The Defense You Need from Attorney Lance R. Fryrear

I have tried over 20,000 cases in the past 17 years. Innumerable people throughout Island County and the surrounding areas have benefited from my services. I have had countless cases dismissed and charges reduced; let me use my experience to help you! I also offer all of my clients a free report "10 Things Every Person Charged with a Crime Must Know."

For preeminent legal representation in Washington, contact an Island County Criminal Defense Attorney at the Law Office of Lance R. Fryrear today!