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Accused of Probation Violation? Let Us Fight the System to Protect Your Future

Lynnwood Probation Violation Attorney

What is Probation And How Is It Violated?

One of the sentences that a judge may impose when someone is convicted of a crime is probation, the suspension of a jail sentence. The probation may be the only sentence imposed or it may be tacked onto the end of a jail sentence as further punishment.

When probation is imposed, you are permitted to return to your everyday life as long as you adhere to certain restrictions and requirements. Should you not follow the restrictions and requirements, then a violation of the probation results and you are likely to stand before the judge again to face additional consequences and charges, including possible jail time. If this occurs it is vital that you contact a Lynnwood criminal defense attorney immediately.

Some of the types of probation violations are:

  • Failure to report to a Probation Officer in a timely manner as required by the court
  • Committing a crime while on probation, such as DUI
  • Failure to comply with court ordered requirements of the probation such as attending drug rehabilitation or paying a fine or restitution
  • Associating with known criminals or groups while on probation
  • Entering areas and locations deemed off limits as part of your probation
  • Possession of a firearm while on probation

If you have violated the requirements of your probation, either intentionally or not, you need to contact a competent criminal defense lawyer at The Law Offices of Lance Fryrear so that the situation can be evaluated and the next course of action determined. Your freedom may be at risk, it is vital you call us today.

Lynnwood Attorney for Probation Review

After being criminal charged with a crime, it is highly likely that you will be hit with probation. When this happens, you will typically be slapped with the highest jail time and fines possible, which will then be suspended after you are placed on probation. It is not uncommon during the term of your probation that you will be summoned to the court for what is known as a probation review hearing.

While this is not out of the ordinary, it is highly advisable that you do not hesitate to secure the necessary level of legal representation to help you navigate through these often turbulent waters. During a probation review, it is likely that they will either be ensuring that you have not violated any terms or considering releasing you early.

Either way, your future will hang in the balance. For this reason, if you are facing a probation review hearing, you should not hesitate to contact a Lynnwood criminal defense lawyer as quickly as possible.

Experienced Criminal Attorney in Lynnwood, WA

We understand the stress and emotional strain associated with probation, no matter if it an outright accusation of probation violation or simply the probation review. Regardless of what you are facing, you need to take your future seriously. At our firm, we understand your situation and are unwavering in our devotion to give you the legal defense that you truly deserve.

With a thorough response to the hearing and a comprehensive treatment of your case, you can trust that we will do everything in our power to help you. We know what is required to get you the most favorable disposition possible. Violating your probation can lead to serious consequences.

Do not hesitate to contact a Lynnwood Probation Lawyer at our firm to learn more about how we can help you in your probation review hearing.

Your Relentless Advocate In Your Defense Case

  • We will personally listen to and understand your side of the story.
  • We will help you through this so you can move forward.
  • We will relentlessly fight for you in court.
  • We will make the Prosecutor see that you are not who they say you are.
  • We will not let them define you by what you have been accused of.
  • We will not let the system steal your freedom.
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