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Are you facing criminal charges or have you been accused of a crime? Wondering whether you need an attorney at this point? Take a moment to call my offices. I am a criminal defense attorney serving clients throughout the Mukilteo area and am ready to see how I can help you. When you call my firm for a free, confidential case review, you can find out:

  • What you should and should not do at this point to positively affect your case;
  • What you may be up against;
  • What I can do to help; and
  • How I can get involved immediately to help you avoid unnecessary court appearances and missed work, as well as any time spent in custody or jail.

Every criminal case is distinctly different. The circumstances surrounding the charges will vary, as will the potential penalties imposed upon a conviction. That is why you need someone who is experience and has a solid background in this field. These are complex matters; the more experience and knowledge that your criminal lawyer has, the more of an impact he or she will be able to have on the outcome of your case.

Because I am a former prosecutor and have handled more than 1,500 in the past 17 years as a criminal defense lawyer, I understand both sides of the court system. I know how to make the most of my resources and experience and fight tirelessly to help my clients avoid convictions and the other serious repercussions of criminal matters. You can count on confidentiality and professionalism as well as one-on-one service.

You Need a Mukilteo Criminal Lawyer

Do not let your entire future be placed at risk because you have been accused of a crime. Whether theft, DUI, drug charges or a felony charge for a violent crime, call my firm to see how I can help.

Contact a Mukilteo criminal defense lawyer today and you will have taken the first step toward a future free from a criminal conviction.

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