Felony Malicious Mischief Case Results

A client recently approached my firm, the Law Office of Lance R. Fryrear, after being charged with felony malicious mischief. Malicious mischief charges involve damages to another person's property. This offense is classified as 1 st degree, 2 nd degree or 3 rd degree malicious mischief. In order to be charged with 1 st degree malicious mischief, the prosecutor will need to show probable cause that you did any of the following things:

  • Caused damage to another person's property with a value of over $1,500
  • Caused an impairment of public service by damaging property of the state, public transportation, an emergency motor vehicle or any other service
  • Caused an impairment of the safety of an aircraft by damaging a part of the equipment, tampering with the fuel or any part of the aircraft

This would be charged as a Class B felony with harsh penalties. My client was facing 2 nd degree malicious mischief charges. This offense involves damaging another person's property with a value of more than $250 or creating a risk of impairment to a public service. A 2 nd degree malicious mischief charge is a Class C felony, which is punishable by a prison sentence of up to five years along with a fine of up to $10,000. Offenses like these can also pose a risk of other offenses such as voting and firearm rights depending on the circumstances of the crime. After representing my client, the charges were reduced to a gross misdemeanor. This means that my client avoided significant jail time along with avoiding a loss of voting rights and a loss of firearm rights. Team up with a Lynnwood criminal defense lawyer if you need help fighting against any criminal charges. I, Attorney Fryrear, offer a free personal consultation so call today and discuss your case with me!


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