Lynnwood Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Defense Overview

After being arrested, you will go through a standard set of procedures in the criminal justice system. You will be booked by a police officer and will then have an arraignment, where you can either plead guilty, not guilty or no contest. It is imperative that you have a Lynnwood criminal defense attorney during all stages of the criminal process. If you attempt to navigate the system alone, you are seriously jeopardizing your rights and your freedom. I am Lance Fryrear, an experienced former prosecutor and criminal defense lawyer who has represented hundreds of clients. I can help you as well. By being present at your arraignment, I can make sure you get the best possible plea for your circumstances and can arrange to have the lowest bail set or have you released on your own recognizance. During this time, I can also begin obtaining evidence to prepare a strong defense to whatever charges you may be facing.

Following the arraignment, a pre-trial conference will be scheduled between your attorney and the prosecution. Depending on the evidence against you and any prior criminal history, this might be an opportunity to strike a plea bargain. If there is insufficient evidence or you agree to some type of rehabilitation program, your case might even get dismissed.

If you are charged with a felony, a preliminary hearing will be scheduled with a judge to determine whether the case needs to go to trial, depending on whether there was probable cause showing you as the person that committed the crime.

If your case is not handled by this time, either through a dismissal or plea deal, a trial will be scheduled. Having the right attorney who knows the criminal justice system and the prosecution's tactics inside and out is vital to protecting your rights. The presentation and defense of your case before a jury can determine whether you will go to jail or go free.

Once your trial is completed, the jury will either find you guilty, at which time you will be sentenced, or not guilty, at which time your charges will be dismissed and you will be set free. It's important to know that even with a guilty verdict, an appeal can be made, if warranted.

Lynnwood Criminal Defense Lawyer For A Strong Defense

I have been defending clients for over 17 years as a criminal defense attorney and have 7 years of experience as a former prosecutor. If there is any defense that can get your charges dropped, I will find it. I know what to look for in a case and can tell you what to expect every step of the way. When you need experience, skill and a strong defense, call my office.

To find out more about the criminal defense process, contact a Lynnwood criminal defense attorney at the Law Office of Lance R. Fryrear today.