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Proving Self-Defense

Self-defense may be defined as an action taken by a person in an attempt to protect him or herself or another from bodily harm by blocking the attack or launching a counter-attack. As American citizens, we have the right to defend ourselves and our property when these are threatened. The general rule of thumb is that the degree of violence must be comparable to the threat faced, and that this was the reasonable course of action to take.

As a Lynnwood criminal defense attorney with more than a decade in this field and 7 years as a former prosecutor, I am intimately familiar with arguing a defendant's innocence based on self-defense or defense of others. This is a complex area of law and somewhat open to interpretation depending on the particular circumstances of the case. How can you determine what would be a comparable level of violence to counter a threat faced? What if the defendant actually killed his or her assailant? These questions must be addressed in such a way as to prove to the judge and jury that the defendant's actions were called for.

Challenging Criminal Charges in Lynnwood: the "Self-Defense" Argument

The argument of self-defense may be relevant in any of a number of criminal cases, particularly those related to domestic violence, assault, homicide and other violent crimes. In any of these cases, the defendant may be facing felony charges and therefore the possibility of years in state prison if convicted. I therefore approach these cases with the utmost care, using physical evidence, witness testimony, cross-examination and recreations of the incident to build a compelling argument that supports self-defense.

If you are facing charges for assault, homicide or anything in between and acted in self-defense, do not wait to call my offices to find out how I can help you.

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