Why a Lynnwood Criminal Lawyer?

When facing criminal charges, an investigation by law enforcement or accusations of a serious crime, you will need to determine whether to involve a criminal lawyer in your area. Choosing to retain legal counsel at this point in time is an important decision to make, as is choosing the right attorney for your particular case.

As a Lynnwood criminal defense lawyer with more than 17 years of experience in criminal defense and 7 years of experience as a former prosecutor, I understand the true value of skilled legal representation in the face of any criminal law matter.

The process starts with an initial review of your case. During a confidential consultation, I will talk to you about what occurred and make a preliminary assessment of the situation. We can discuss any particular questions or concerns you may have, such as whether you may have been the victim of an unreasonable search and seizure or whether you were unlawfully arrested. I can offer you helpful guidance in regard to what you should and should not do at this point in time in order to positively impact your case. I can even start developing a plan of action to begin addressing your charges or investigation immediately. Time is of the essence in these matters; therefore I will move quickly to give you the information you need to determine whether you need an attorney at this point and whether you believe I am the right attorney for your case.

Criminal Defense Representation in Lynnwood

It takes a competent lawyer to build a compelling case on a defendant's behalf that proves a valid defense such as self-defense or exposes such mistakes or rights violations as an illegal search or improper handling of evidence. Take this opportunity to learn more about how I can help you with your case. With my experience and my strong commitment to my clients, I have the utmost confidence in my ability to assist you.

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