DUI: Frequently Asked Questions

Lynnwood DUI Lawyer

If you have been stopped by a police officer who suspects you have been drinking it is important that you tell the truth or your credibility will be damaged. However if the questions escalate to the point of becoming accusatory or you are feeling intimidated in any way, you need to immediately ask to see a Lynnwood criminal defense attorney to safeguard your rights. The Law Firm of Lance R. Fryrear has over seventeen years of experience helping the citizens of Lynnwood, Washington and the surrounding areas and is familiar with the legal issues pertaining to DUI cases. Please see some of the frequently asked questions below concerning DUI charges.

How do the police determine a charge of DUI?
In Washington an individual is charged with DUI if the blood tests show .08 or higher for an adult or .02 or higher for minors, which means under 21. You can also be charged with DUI if you refuse the breath test or if the officer believes that you are under the influence of alcohol regardless of whether your breath test is under a .08.

Can I refuse to take the blood or breath test?
In Washington State, when you obtain your drivers' license you have already given your consent to take these tests. It is called the Implied Consent Law. You have the right to refuse, but by refusing your license will be automatically revoked for at least one year. You have a right to request a hearing to challenge this revocation.

If my license has been suspended how long before I can get it back?
The time frame can be from 90 days up to several years. This is based upon any prior convictions relating to DUIs and the alcohol level in your blood at the time of the charge. The time frame can also be increased if you refuse a breath test.

What are some of the penalties of a DUI?
The charge of driving under the influence is called a "gross misdemeanor" and penalties can range from electronic home detection, license suspension, fines from over $800 to $5,000, alcohol treatment as determined by the court, or jail time.

Does My Employer Have to Know?
Legally you do not have to inform your employer . However, if the company you work for has a contract requiring this as part of your employment it could be mandatory. One other factor would be if you drive a company car in your day to day business, notification might again need to be given.

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