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Negligent Driving of a Motor Vehicle in the First Degree

As a Lynnwood criminal defense attorney, one of the things I see are cases involving Negligent Driving - First Degree. According to Washington law Negligent Driving - First Degree is:

"A person is guilty of negligent driving in the first degree if he or she operates a motor vehicle in a manner that is both negligent and endangers or is likely to endanger any person or property, and exhibits the effects of having consumed liquor or an illegal drug." RCW 46.61.5249

The good news regarding this type of charge is that it is a lesser charge than that of DUI and it does not include a mandatory suspension of your license as in the case of a DUI conviction. However, if you are arrested for Negligent Driving - First Degree, also known as Neg 1, it is important that you contact a Lynnwood DUI attorney to assess your case immediately. Negligent Driving - First Degree is a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment up to 90 days and a fine of up to $1,000 or both.

Investigating this type of case early on will help you to achieve the best outcome possible depending on the facts of the case. The sooner you contact me the better your chances are. By contacting the Law Office of Lance R. Fryrear, I can assure you that I will evaluate your case and utilize my resources to best suit your needs and help to prevent further problems for you with this charge as in increased insurance rates, fines and jail time.

DUI Negligent Driving - First Degree Charges

Negligent Driving - First Degree charges should be addressed by a DUI defense lawyer right away. My knowledge and experience as a former prosecutor should be utilized as quickly as possible to help mitigate the potential damages and upset to your life regarding these charges. Don't assume you can't fight your negligent driving charges. If I can find a legal defense for you, I will use it to counter your charges. Being charged with Negligent Driving - First Degree should be addressed quickly. Facing DUI charges in Lynnwood, WA? Contact the Law Office of Lance R. Fryrear for a free consultation and a copy of "10 Things Every Person Charged With A Crime Must Know".