Lynnwood Reckless Endangerment Attorney

Protecting Your Rights in Lynnwood

Have you been accused or charged with reckless endangerment? The most important action you should now take is finding and speaking to an experienced Lynnwood criminal defense attorney. Being charged with reckless endangerment is serious and could have long term significant consequences, affecting not only your future, but that of your family as well. You need to be aware that it is a criminal offense to take part in any behavior that results in a considerable or significant threat of physical harm, injury or even death to another individual in Washington State. Anyone driving recklessly with a minor in the vehicle may be charged with this offense.

My name is Lance Fryrear and I have over 17 years in providing strong and effective legal counsel in situations like this. I provide legal representation in Snohomish, King, Pierce and Skagit County as well as in the city of Lynnwood and have the expertise you need to deal with the legal complexities of a reckless endangerment charge. Your freedom and rights are on the line, so call me for a personal, one on one free initial consultation to see what I can do for you.

Why Hire a Lawyer?

Looking for a lawyer for your criminal case in Lynnwood, WA? The legal system is very complex and sometimes downright frightening. Being unfamiliar with defending your rights may result in far more serious penalties than if you have experienced representation. I am a criminal defense lawyer, but having served as a prosecutor for seven years, I also have an edge that may help you with your defense. I know how they think and know what they are looking for. With my help, you have the best chance of accomplishing a successful outcome to your case. I am dedicated and will work tirelessly on your behalf to protect and uphold your constitutional rights and freedoms.

If you are facing a reckless endangerment charge, contact a Lynnwood criminal defense lawyer at the Law Office of Lance R. Fryrear. We will help protect your rights and freedoms.