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| Lynnwood, WA
Client's rating: 5 of 5

I believe there's a chance I may still be unemployed had I not found Lance to help me clear my charge by defending me. He went above and beyond and answered questions that he didn't need to, he listened to me bawl my eyes out a few times. He truly cares and he is so loyal to his clients, and is easy to reach and will get back to you asap when unavailable. I read reviews before deciding to meet with him, and I would never have changed my decision. I found a job instantly the following week as soon as my charge was cleared. Life is back to normal:)

| Vancouver, Canada, WA
Client's rating: 5 of 5

I am eternally grateful for Lance’s and his team’s help in dropping the charges against me for fishing in closed-season waters. The bad-crab story happened in mid-July 2017. I took my mom, who recently had a cancer scare, for vacation in Birch Bay, Washington. My mom loves digging clams at the State Park in Birch Bay but there were bio-toxins (red tide) on all clams in the area and most of the west coast of Washington state. In an attempt to give my mom a fun outdoorsy holiday still even though we can’t dig any clams, I researched many websites for tips on how to catch a crab. I bought my very first crab trap and we were so excited to try this new adventure. We didn’t want to travel far from Birch Bay and decided to go to the public docks at Blaine, Washington to see if that was a good spot. On the first day we were at the Blaine docks, there were 3 groups of locals catching crab there and they all confirmed that the crab season is open in July in Blaine. In our naiveté, we took my new crab trap to that same dock the next day. We dropped the crab trap into the waters and proceeded to play games while we waited. Within an hour, a Blaine police officer came up to me and gave me a citation for crabbing in closed-season waters. My first reaction was of shock and disbelief as we obeyed all the rules (ie: check for open-season waters, catch only male crabs, use the size measurement gauge etc). We told the officer that the locals said the season was open and that I should not be getting a citation but only a warning if the season is in fact not open…the officer refused to listen. I have never been charged with anything in my life and can’t afford to be charged due to my accounting career. I was so, so, so worried and decided to look for a lawyer to represent me. I found Lance’s website after researching for hours and read all the fantastic testimonies on his site. Not knowing whether I have a strong case to overturn the charges, I had hundreds of questions for Lance. He was so understanding and didn’t trivialize my concerns even though my case is not a spouse-battery, weapons or murder charge. In most people’s eyes, my case would be micro-minuscule but in my eyes, this crabbing charge would end all my hard work to obtain my accounting career. Lance really listened to all my concerns and showed tremendous empathy to my situation. He was very busy dealing with major cases but he took the time to answer all my questions. When we met in person before the pre-trial hearing, he even gave me a hug when I shed tears over what I felt was a truly unjustified charge for a first-time crab novice. During the pre-trial hearing in September, his team lawyer, Perry, was there to represent me in court but Lance prepared my case in detail and he gave her all the steps on how to strategize my case for the best outcome. Perry is an excellent lawyer also and showed great empathy. She negotiated with the prosecutor and my charge was dropped that same day. Instead, I was issued a warning with a small fine. That was a fantastic outcome as I couldn’t take the stress of a potential charge any longer. My sincere heartfelt thanks to Lance and Perry. I would not hesitate to refer him and his team to anyone needing help with any type of charges. You will get the best representation from Lance and his great team of lawyers…hands down!!!

| Everett, WA
Client's rating: 5 of 5

I so grateful that my roommate knew Lance! I’m a professional CDL Class A driver. I drive the mail from Seattle to post offices in Everett and north to Canada at night for the next day’s mail. The state requires yearly medical DOT checkups but when you give them the information it doesn’t get entered into their database for over a week. I was randomly stopped at a weigh station in Whatcom County and given a ticket because while I had proof of passing the exam on me, the information had not been put in the system yet. The WA State Highway patrol officer told me don’t worry it’s just a small fine but when I got to court they said it was a criminal offence and I needed a lawyer. Another driver had gotten stopped for the same reason but had only received a “show proof ticket” (he’s white I’m brown). I couldn’t get a public defender because I’m a professional driver in danger of losing my livelihood. Lance to the rescue. He saw that the report the highway patrol had filed had the date of my DOT physical right on it. Lance explained all this to the prosecution and got all the charges dropped. No thank you WA State Hwy Patrol, THANK YOU LANCE!!

| Everett, WA
Client's rating: 5 of 5

Lance is great at what he does. Facing DV charges is extremely stressful and Lance was able understand exactly what I was going though and helped me to get my case dismissed. Lance offered a quality first consultation for free and was direct with me throughout the process of my case. I would recommend him to anyone seeking legal assistance.

| Brier, WA
Client's rating: 5 of 5

Lance did a masterful job negotiating with the Prosecutor and ultimately had the charge I was facing dropped even though I did not give him much/favorable evidence to work with. He gave me great advice up-front and laid out a plan that made sense and I agreed with. I would recommend him to anyone requiring expert legal advice/defense.

Client's rating: 5 of 5

Lance is a true angel. I can't thank him enough. I would recommend Lance as a lawyer to anyone because of his honesty, hard work, expertise and support. At a time when I was scared and didn't know what to do, he really came through. He is the best.

Client's rating: 5 of 5

When I hired Lance to represent me I knew I hired the best. He is not only an outstanding lawyer but an outstanding person as well. His simple words of encouragement through probably the most difficult period of my life meant just as much as the exceptional job he did representing my case. If I or anyone I know ever needs a truly remarkable attorney to represent them in court I would recommend him. The thing I admired most about Lance was that he was always honest with me about my case from the moment I walked into his office until the formal court date. My own words cannot truly express the admiration, thanks and appreciation I have for the job that Lance did on my case.

Client's rating: 5 of 5

You're the man! Thanks for your help this summer! You really got me out of a tight jam and you earned every penny of your fee. Thanks for being so honest and fair. All the best in the future.

Client's rating: 5 of 5

Just want to say thanks! You have been so kind and obliging to answer my questions, some probably stupid but nonetheless you were there for me (above and beyond the so-called "call of duty"). I do want you to know how much I appreciate it all. You certainly have renewed my faith in attorneys.

Client's rating: 5 of 5

Thank you for your support. I can go with my life. You're the best.