Ignition Interlock Fails Reported To Courts

By Lance Fryrear
If you are required to have an Ignition Interlock in Washington state it is important to be aware that if you fail any ignition interlock test, it will eventually be reported to the court and may require you to appear for a review hearing. For this reason it is very important to never let anybody else use your vehicle when you are required to have an ignition interlock device in Washington state.
As a Lynnwood DUI Attorney I have to appear at review hearings for my clients several times a year for just such a situation. Often times my clients have allowed someone else to use their vehicle, or a friend has wanted to see how the ignition interlock system works. In these cases, the person borrowing the vehicle, or the friend who is just messing around with the ignition interlock after drinking, blows into the ignition interlock and then the vehicle fails to start based upon the ignition interlock registering alcohol on the breath. Everything seems fine until the ignition interlock company later reports the positive alcohol reading to the court and the court sets a review hearing to put my client in jail for the apparent drinking. Luckily, as an experienced DUI attorney I have been able to avoid jail time for my clients in these situations. Still, it is better to not risk being put into jail falsely. Make sure that no one blows into your ignition interlock besides you.
If you have been charged with a DUI, or an ignition interlock violation, please contact Washington DUI Attorney Lance Fryrear at once to get the best possible help with your current situation.
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