Client Avoided Jail Time and a Review Hearing!

By Lynnwood Criminal Defense Lawyer

The Law Offices of Lance Fryrear recently had success in a case with a client facing telephone harassment charges. In Washington, this type of offense has harsh penalties. Telephone harassment is charged as a gross misdemeanor and it is punishable by a jail sentence of up to 364 days along with a maximum fine of $5,000. In my client's case I was able to build a strong defense and fight aggressively for my client. They were able to avoid jail time altogether. On top of that, my client avoided a review hearing and potential jail time in another court.

What is telephone harassment in Washington?

Telephone harassment is the act of making a call to another person with the intent to harass or torment them. This can be done by using profanity on the phone or calling continuously at inconvenient hours even if the person does not answer. This harassment can also be done if you threaten to injure or hurt someone or their family through a phone call. For any of these offenses you could be facing a gross misdemeanor with the punishments that my client was facing. If, however, you have a previous conviction for a harassment crime or if you threaten to kill the person then you may be facing a class C felony rather than a misdemeanor. A class C felony for telephone harassment is punishable by a minimum of one to three months and a maximum of five years in jail.

If you are facing a telephone harassment charge in Washington contact a Lynnwood criminal defense attorney from my firm. I, Lance R. Fryrear, have ample experience representing clients in their criminal cases. I offer a free case evaluation so you can call today and ask me questions regarding your specific harassment case.