Can The State Press Charges for Domestic Violence?

Yes, the state can press charges for domestic violence. In fact, in Washington State, it's always the state or the prosecutor that presses the charges. How it works is if someone calls the police in the state and alleges domestic violence, the police officer has to arrest somebody and has to bring them to jail and even charge them with domestic violence if there's an alleged assault within four hours. It can be very frustrating for everybody involved in a domestic violence charge: the defendant who doesn't want to be prosecuted, the victim who doesn't want their spouse or their loved one prosecuted. When we get a domestic violence charge in here to defend, what we do is we talk to the victim and say, "What do you want to see happen?" We talk to our client, the defendant, and say, "What actually happened?" and then we actually contact the prosecutor and try to get them to see what actually happened. If you or your loved one is charged with domestic violence, come to our office; we'll talk to you, we'll figure out what to do, and we'll try to get the situation under control as soon as possible.