DUI Case Won by Attorney Fryrear

By Law Office of Lance R. Fryrear

The Law Offices of Lance Fryrear recently took on a DUI case. I am Attorney Fryrear and I represented a client who was pulled over after cutting off a police officer at 2:00am. In doing so, a collision almost occurred. My client was then pulled over and allegedly failed the field sobriety tests, admitted to drinking and a Breathalyzer test revealed a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) level of .128. I knew I had to build a solid defense on behalf of my client in order to avoid the serious penalties of a DUI. The first thing I did was make a public record request for the BAC room video of the breath test along with a request for the officer dash cam. After reviewing both videos, it was apparent that my client had a mouth piercing that was not removed before the performance of a breath test. This, in fact, makes the breath test invalid under WAC 448-16-040. On top of the proof through video, we contacted and received a witness statement assuring that my client did indeed have the mouth piercing in at the time of the incident.

After contesting the validity of the charges, they were reduced and my client did not face jail time, license suspension and also did not have SR-22 insurance. I then subpoenaed the arresting officer to the Department of Licensing Hearing and won when the officer did not appear. In the end, my client avoided conviction of a DUI, avoided any license suspension, avoided jail time, avoided an ignition interlock device installation and other penalties that could have followed conviction. If you are facing DUI or any other criminal charges, team up with my firm for aggressive and knowledgeable defense. I have years of experience in criminal defense in Lynnwood and also offer a free initial consultation, contact me now to get started!

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