How to avoid being put in jail at your review hearing in Washington state

By The Law Offices of Lance Fryrear

When you have been dealing with a criminal charge and finally get the matter settled you often have to live up to certain terms ordered by the court. The court may have ordered you to complete a treatment program, or complete community service. The court may have ordered you to have no new crimes, or not to drink, or not to drive without a license and insurance. Unfortunately, life happens, and sometimes you may be accused of failing to live up to what the court ordered you to do. If this has happened to you, you likely have a review hearing date where the court intends to put you in jail for violating the terms of your probation.

If you are facing a review hearing, do not despair. Even situations that seem hopeless can be greatly improved, or even fixed, with the right legal help.

What if I am accused of using alcohol or drugs while in a treatment program?

Often, a review hearing attorney can ask for more time from the court. During the extra time that an attorney may be able to get, oftentimes a month or two, you may be able to regain compliance with treatment. Most judges pay more attention to the treatment status at the time of the actual held review hearing (the future hearing date the attorney gets the review hearing continued to) than the non-compliance in the past. If you can work hard to get caught up on AA meetings, or not drink, or just get back into compliance in general, a good attorney may be able to get you off with just a warning, allowing you to avoid jail altogether.

What if I am accused of violating probation by committing a new crime?

If your probation violation hearing is because you have been charged with a new crime, things may seem bleak. Even this situation is often not hopeless, however. A skilled Lynnwood review hearing attorney can make arguments to keep you out of jail. Is the new charge directly related to the charge you are on probation for? Is the new charge a conviction, or are you likely to get the new charge dismissed? Have you done things to change your life between the two charges? Do you have a good job that putting you in jail might make you lose? These are just a few of the arguments that can be made to keep you out of jail and get your life back.

Do I really need an attorney? The Judge will listen to me, right?

Having an attorney to assist with review hearings greatly decreases the chances of being sent to jail. A local attorney knows how to talk to the Judge and knows what to say and what NOT to say. A skilled attorney knows how to talk to the probation officer or court staff. An attorney can help get you more time to complete your hours, finish treatment or get back into treatment and present this to the judge in a way that makes you look your best. The secret to winning a review hearing is how you frame the issue. A non-attorney has zero chance to frame the issue. A good review hearing defense attorney always attempts to frame the issue in way that keeps you out of jail.

If you or a loved one has a probation review hearing coming up, do not go it alone. The Law Offices of Lance Fryrear has successfully represented hundreds of people just like you in the same situation. We know best how to guide you and protect you in this important hearing.

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