What happens now if you or your loved one is arrested for a domestic violence offense in the time of Covid-19 in Washington State?

By The Law Offices of Lance Fryrear

What happens now if you or your loved one is arrested for a domestic violence offense in the time of Covid-19 in Washington State? Hint: It is more important than ever to get a lawyer on board immediately.

If you or your loved one has been arrested for Assault 4 Domestic Violence, Assault 4 – DV or any other DV offense, you are probably wondering what happens next given the COVID-19 emergency. Governor Jay Inslee issued a number of public health orders recently that have effectively shuttered many services here in Washington State. As a result, courts are closing down or limiting their hearings drastically. Many people, even some lawyers, wonder if there will even be a court for those arrested for a crime in Washington state. The short of it is - if you are arrested for Domestic Violence in Washington state, you WILL be put in front of a judge and you WILL need an attorney.

The Washington State Supreme Court issued an emergency order on March 18, 2020 to address questions like the one above. If you or someone you know is arrested and booked into jail for Assault 4 DV or any crime of Domestic Violence, the Supreme Court says the court must give you an arraignment hearing or first appearance just as they would prior to the coronavirus outbreak.

On the brighter side, if someone you know is in jail awaiting trial for domestic violence or any other crime, the Supreme Court made it easier for them to be released given the COVID-19 public health emergency. More information on how to get your loved one released if they are awaiting trial for domestic violence can be found here: "Is Your Loved One in Jail at the Time of COVID? A New Supreme Court Order Makes It More Possible to Get Them Out."

Be aware, if someone has accused you of domestic violence, Courts may enter a no-contact order without any notice to you when an information, citation, or complaint is filed with the court. This means that most people will be thrown out of their home, without even being able to object at a hearing. The same goes for a sex offense, stalking offense, or harassment offense. The following statutes apply: RCW 10.99.040, RCW 10.99.045, RCW 10.14.040, RCW 7.90.150, RCW 9A.46.085, and/or RCW 9A.46.040. The new emergency Supreme Court order allows no-contact orders to be served upon the defendant by mail. This is not good and needs to be challenged immediately by a skilled Lynnwood domestic violence defense attorney if one wants any chance to not have their life turned upside down for months.

Courts everywhere are trying to figure out how to operate given the Supreme Court’s new order. The Law Offices of Lance Fryrear is monitoring the courts in Washington State daily and taking action on a daily basis. We want to do whatever we can to protect you and your loved ones from the loss of rights due to the emergency orders in place due to COVID-19. If you or your loved one was recently arrested for Domestic Violence, it is best to contact us immediately so we can provide the protection you or they need. No one should be forced to stay in jail or be thrown out of their home without a hearing. We have handled over 5000 criminal defense matters over the last 20 years.

Call us now to get the help you need. Call us now and we will be there for you.

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