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Facing Criminal Theft Charges? We Won't Let This Single Charge Define You

Lynwood Identity Theft Lawyer

Have You Been Arrested For Identity Theft?

An individual's "identity" is composed of a social security number, financial account numbers, passwords, and other confidential information. It is estimated that 9 million Americans have their identities stolen each year.

It is often very difficult for the victim to recover the money, credit, and security lost; juries therefore are often very sympathetic to the victim. If you have been arrested for identity theft, contact a theft crimes defense attorney from The Law Offices of Lance Fryrear immediately to help safeguard your rights and get fair representation regarding the allegations.

Washington law states, "No person may knowingly obtain, possess, use, or transfer a means of identification or financial information of another person, living or dead, with the intent to commit, or to aid or abet, any crime."

We represent clients who have been charged with identity theft; some of the types of identity theft I handle are:

  • Skimming: where debit card and credit card numbers are stolen using a special device
  • Phishing: where spam or other fake companies trick people into revealing financial and other personal information
  • Address Changes: where information is derived from the diversion of another's billing statements with a change of address form
  • Physical Theft: the taking of another's wallet, mail, purse, tax forms, etc. for the identifying information
  • Pretexting: using false pretenses, such as a fake company, to get information from utility companies, telephone companies, financial institutions, etc.
  • Dumpster Diving: theft from a trash bin or dumpster

Penalties for Identity Theft

There are two levels of identity theft charges and they are both serious. If credit, money, goods, services, or anything else of value in excess of $1500 has been obtained using someone's identity or financial information, it is a Class B Felony. For an amount less than $1500. it is categorized as a Class C Felony. Sentences can range up to ten years imprisonment, a fine of twenty thousand dollars or both.

It is essential in these types of cases that an experienced identity theft criminal defense lawyer be contacted immediately. Call us at The offices of Lance Fryrear as soon as you are charged.

Balancing Things Out With A Good Defense

Because identity theft has gotten so much attention in the media, states, counties and communities are raising awareness of the crime by implementing task forces, and the prosecution has a vested interest in being aggressive with these types of crimes.

As a firm with a former prosecutor, we have dealt with many identity theft cases and we use that knowledge and experience to defend clients who have been accused of identity theft crimes. We start the process with a free consultation so we can examine all the facts and initiate an investigation whenever necessary. All of our potential clients receive our report, "10 Things Every Person Charged With A Crime Must Know" during this consultation.

Get the help you need by contacting The Law Offices of Lance Fryrear if you have been charged with an identity theft crime.

Your Relentless Advocate In Your Defense Case

  • We will personally listen to and understand your side of the story.
  • We will help you through this so you can move forward.
  • We will relentlessly fight for you in court.
  • We will make the Prosecutor see that you are not who they say you are.
  • We will not let them define you by what you have been accused of.
  • We will not let the system steal your freedom.
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Protecting Clients' Freedoms For Over Two Decades

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