Lynnwood Hit and Run Attorney

Have You Been Accused of a Hit and Run?

Leaving the scene of an accident is a serious criminal offense that can result in serious repercussions to the accused. Hit and runs are taken extremely seriously - criminal prosecutors will be absolutely ruthless in their attempt to hit you with the severest penalties possible. For this reason, if you have recently been charged, the very best thing that you can do for yourself is to secure the legal representation of an aggressive criminal defense attorney.

By working with a lawyer that truly understands this area of the law, you can breathe easier knowing that you do not have to shoulder the brunt of the responsibility all on your own. At my firm, I understand the nuances of these types of cases and am completely devoted to ensuring that my clients are treated with the comprehensive defense that they truly deserve. By tenaciously addressing every aspect of a case, I am often able to give my clients the assistance they need in their pursuit of their optimum outcome.

Defending Against Hit and Run Charges in Lynnwood.

Facing criminal charges in Lynnwood, WA? Over the years, I, attorney Lance Fryrear, have proven myself both in and outside of the courtroom. I have earned a reputation for trustworthy and honest legal assistance and continually commit myself to this high ideal every day. If you work with me, you can trust that I will never satisfy myself with anything less than my absolute best effort. I will fight tooth and nail to help you achieve your desirable result - from the beginning of the issue until the very last moment you can trust that I will do everything possible to help you.

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