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Internet Fraud in Lynnwood

Internet crimes are a comparatively recent occurrence and therefore represent a new and complex area of criminal law. According to Jonathan Rusch, Special Counsel for Fraud Prevention, "…the United States is experiencing a rising tide of fraud that exploits the Internet." Internet crimes fall under various categories which include, but are not limited to, fraud involving online auctions, online retail sales, investment fraud, credit card and debit card fraud, along with computer hacking and identity theft.

Penalties for internet fraud can range from imprisonment to financial restitution for the victims to heavy fines. Being convicted of this crime can drastically affect your life. If you have been charged with an internet crime, you need to consult with an experienced Lynnwood criminal defense attorney who has extensive knowledge in the area.

My name is Lance Fryrear and I have the credentials you are looking for when charged with internet fraud. I have been representing the people of Lynnwood, Washington successfully for over 17 years and give personal service, honest representation and deliver excellent results. Call me for a no-cost initial consultation to discuss your case.

Safeguarding Your Constitutional Rights

Being charged with any type of crime is difficult and can leave you feeling confused, scared or even angry. Internet crime is "the new kid on the block" and therefore opens the door to being falsely accused of such a crime. I am not only a criminal defense lawyer, but also a former prosecutor, a resume that gives me the edge in identifying your best defense. My goal is to aggressively defend those accused of criminal offenses relating to internet crimes. You need someone who can explain the intricacies of Internet law, answer the many questions you may have, and strong and effective legal representation. When faced with such a high stakes situation, you can't afford to put anything less than your best effort forward.

Need an attorney for your criminal case in Lynnwood, WA? For commitment in defending your rights, contact a Lynnwood criminal defense attorney at the Law Office of Lance R. Fryrear if you have been charged with an internet crime.